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Stress Relieving

The most common Post Weld Heat Treatment is “Stress Relieving” This is a process to reduce internal residual stresses in a metal component. It is achieved by heating part (commonly called local heat treatment) or all of the component to a suitable temperature. This is held for a pre-determined time, then the temperature is slowly reduced. Stress Relieving is a process that does not harden the material. Heat treatment procedures may be applied to relieve stresses induced by welding, casting, normalising, quenching, machining and cold working.

Stresses that are introduced into metals by manufacturing and welding procedures may cause harmful distortion, fractures, and corrosion cracking near welds.

Stress relieving is widely used in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries during maintenance procedures. It is accepted and understood that stress relieving after major asset repairs and maintenance will:

  • Extend equipment life and maintenance cycles

  • Reduce failure rates

  • Increase reliability and downtime losses

Post Weld Heat Treatment is a mandatory requirement of a number of codes and is included in many welding procedures.

National Heat can ensure that Post Weld Heat Treatment and Stress Relieving, when undertaken by us, is compliant with relevant welding procedure, client requests and code requirements.

National Heat can provide Stress Relieving services on your construction sites anywhere in Australia and the Pacific Region, or at our premises. Our inventory of heating equipment provides for localised and furnace heating, by gas or electrical procedures, in your yard or project site. Our equipment includes a modular furnace system for fast erection and removal.

National Heat can provide these services anywhere in Australia and the Pacific region.